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Why become a searcher?

  • Make a difference in your community -- and maybe save a life
  • Learn valuable skills and use specialized SAR equipment
  • Enjoy spending time in the great outdoors
  • Meet people in your community and work in dynamic teams
  • Benefit from discounts on outdoor gear and equipment

Yukon Search and Rescue connects volunteers from Yukon communities with a common mission to help those in need. With increasing ease of accessibility to the backcountry and a growing interest in the Yukon’s spectacular wilderness, incidents are steadily on the rise as is the need for skilled and dedicated volunteers.
The demands on SAR operations require a variety of skill sets and our volunteers receive specific training to assist in searches and handle logistics.

Yukon Search and Rescue is for anyone over 19 years of age wanting to do something important in his or her community and that can conduct themself in a professional and safe manner. Our members are passionate and versatile and thrive in a dynamic team environment.

These unpaid volunteers include men and women of all ages and from all walks of life. Anyone who is willing to give a small commitment of time to develop new skills and contribute to their community through training and participation in searches will find a good fit in Yukon Search and Rescue.

Advanced training is usually centralized in areas with a higher demand of skills and a greater concentration of volunteers. However, all training opportunities are open to our members -- no matter where you live.

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