Being Outdoors

Yukon is a vast, wild and unforgiving land.

It's waterways offer some of the best paddling in the world, but also some of the most dangerous. It's backcountry is a paradise for hikers and skiers, but is also very remote and untamed.

When it comes to Yukon weather, it is best to be ready for anything!  Yukon has warm, sun-rich summers with temperatures able to reach as high as 35 degrees celcius; and its winters can be long and severe, with temperatures able to reach -55 degrees celcius or lower.

Yukon is home to 11 highways which provide passage through sparsely populated and awe-inspiring wilderness. Gas stations are located at regular intervals on most highways, but on secondary roads, be sure to check where the next fuel stop is located before setting out, and consider carrying extra gas with you. Make sure your vehicle is in good repair before hitting the open road and check Yukon 511 for the road conditions on your planned route.

Remember, before you head out, check the weather forecast, tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back.  Better yet, complete a Safe Travel Plan -- it could save your life.

Your safety is your responsibility, it can be a long time before any help arrives. Northern travel can be beautiful, but it also has risks. There are plenty of resources to help you plan your trip.