About Yukon SAR

  • We treat each other honestly, fairly and with respect
  • We are on the same team working together toward common goals
  • We share information and responsibility
  • We align group and individual needs to achieve results
  • We recognize, reward and value each other
  • We honour our word
  • We hold each other accountable
  • We are responsible for our own and other's safety - we build it in to all that we do

Yukon Search and Rescue is a volunteer non-profit association that carries out land and water based search and rescue efforts for lost and missing persons in the Yukon.

In 2013 it was transformed from Whitehorse District Search and Rescue (WDSAR) to Yukon Search and Rescue (YSAR) amalgamating SAR groups from the various Yukon municipalities in an effort to combine resources and training opportunities and reduce the administrative burden on the local community SAR groups.

YSAR typically operates in association with RCMP and Yukon Territory Government Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) with our symbiotic relationship between RCMP and volunteers reflecting the mandate. Though YSAR is usually tasked with searches for missing and lost persons, we may be requested to aid in other tasks such as community evacuations and evidence searches for police investigations.

Under the constitution and bylaws, the association elects the board of directors.

We have monthly training sessions here on the first Wednesday of each month and hone our skills on search exercises and training weekends throughout the year.